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We're a lawn care service provider to the Historic Triangle of Virginia.  Although the services we offer are similiar, if not the exact same as most traditional lawn maintenance companies (Lawn Mowing, Weeding, Hedging & Limbing, Mulching, Aeration, Brush Removal, etc.), the way we perform those services is what sets us apart. 


Our equipment is fueled by lithium ion batteries instead of gasoline, whenever possible - giving us the ability to keep the skies clean, while making your lawn green.

Recyclable Lawn Bags


Green Guys Eco Friendly Lawn Care Business Logo on Hybrid Vehicle

Eco Friendly Business Practices - 

  • Using battery operated push mowers, weedeaters, edgers, hedgers, and leaf blowers.

  • Hauling our equipment/trailer with a hybird vehicle, whenever possible.

  • Utilizing Reusable/Recyclable bags to remove lawn debris.

  • No use of chemical herbicides/pesticides.

  • Online Billing System to minimize the use of paper.


Quiet Experience - 

  • Our battery powered tools are much quieter than traditional gas powered tools, allowing us to provide our services without disturbing our customers.

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